Sophy Burnham

American author and playwright. She grew up in the 'horse country' of Maryland. After graduation she worked at the Smithsonian Institute as a clerk but soon became involved in producing films and writing. Her first book was a non-fictional expose of the world of art dealing and became a bestseller. She then wrote more non-fiction, plus plays and a couple of children's books which she actually wrote for her own daughters. She is also a well-known healer, psychic and spiritualist and has written books in these areas too, including more bestsellers. As if her life wasn't packed enough she is in addition a prolific public speaker and appears frequently on American TV shows.

Her one pony story goes back to her Maryland roots. Nor has she forgotten her love of horses, as despite her very busy life, still has time for her own horse.

Ms. Burnham has her own website where you can find lots more about the author and her work.

Pony Books:

SUMMARY: Julie is annoyed that she doesn't have enough money to show her pony Model and wipe the smirks of the faces of the snooty girls who look down on them. She thinks of a way to make money but it involves riding the dangerous supposedly unrideable Thoroughbred and going against her father's wishes.

More about the book by the author herself here

Collector's Info:
Easy to find in the USA, but can be hard to get hold of elsewhere.